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DoTERRA Wellness Advocate

Bringing potent, pure, effective, therapeutic grade doTERRA Essential Oils into your home. I inspire, empower and inform people on how to use this kit of oils, natures medicine cabinet safely and effectively.

Our bodies are made to be full of vitality and health. Harnessing plants immune systems in doTERRA Essential Oils provides us with pure, potent and effective way to support our bodies without toxic load. I had no idea before coming across doTERRA that I could use oils internally or that they were a comprehensive solution for a host of ailments. I recommend a real food diet, as pesticide free as possible, caution around inflammatory foods, regular exercise and detoxing the home of chemical cleaning products and artificial scents. Having said that, without fail, when an oil is indicated for a physical ailment, and I look up the emotional use of the oil it is always profound and resonates deeply. We have one life and it is finite, living our purpose and coming from the heart is part of our journey and the doTERRA Essential Oils are a powerful emotional support on this path.


3 Ways to Buy doTERRA

How to order doTERRA Enrollment Kits and wholesale accounts.

I choose the Narrator

You are enough, I am enough, choose your narrator, you are pure love and light, and nobody is getting out of here alive.

New Year Blog

Three steps forward, and one step back, all the way it feels. Simplicity Parenting has this lovelly image of the Change Wave, where you feel discomfort, plan change, act, succeed, they recommend a celebration here, then comes inevitable failure, feeling discomfort once again – and then accept failure, with a new tweak or plan and start again, or sink into despair

Essential Oils Class

Free Introduction to Essential Oils Class

One-one education

A 30 min chat either in person or on line where I will take you through how the oils work and we can see now they would benefit you.

Simplicity Parenting Workshops

Join our simplicity Parenting workshops

Why doTERRA Essential Oils

These are pure, therapeutic grade, potent and powerful Essential Oils.


Quality product

Every single oils as been quality tested in house and independently. They are tested to ensure they contain 100% pure essential oil that has not been contaminated by any moulds, pesticides, heavy metals or any other contaminants.



Every oil is sourced ethically. DoTERRA uses a model called co-impact sourcing which aims to empower communities and protect the environment.


Great Value

As the oils are so pure, a little goes a long way, one or two drops are potent and effective.


Continuous Learning

We have a host or resources to offer you as soon as you have enrolled as a wholesale customer. Facebook groups, books, webinars and a thriving international community.

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Nikka introduced me to Doterra oils and by attending a meeting with her present was able to learn more about these wonderful health supporting oils. Nikka has been a great a fountain of knowledge regarding my introduction to Doterra oils. She has been supportive and helpful and is very approachable. I highly recommend Nikka as a wellness advocate, and she always has a warm, welcoming smile for you 🙂

Lynne Travis