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What is an Essential Oil?

An Essential Oil is a natural, volatile, aromatic compound, each one unique to each Plant. It can come from the petal, bark, root, peel, stem or leaf of a plant. Our oils are either steam distilled or cold pressed. They are potent and effective, most times 50-70 times stronger than the herbal equivalent. Our oils are safe, powerful and pure and we seldom have side effects for this reason when the safety guidelines have been followed. As we are carbon based as are the plants they are accepted into our body, as as they are oil based, even into our cells. A reason to be viligence about the quality of oils we use.

CPTG Brand high standard

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) Essential Oil. This test is run three times, once in house, then at an independent laboratory and then again at the head office before being packaged. The test quality assures doTERRA Essential Oils certifying the following. Pure, natural 100% essential oil with no artificial ingredients. Safe, certified to be free of pesticides, chemical residues, fungus and moulds. Potent, these are standardised active compounds.

Under each single blend bottle there is a number which can be looked up on an independent website for that exact batch of oils GSMS report.

Co Impact Sourcing

This is the reason I joined doTERRA. This inspires and motivates me. When I hold a bottle of doTERRA oil I feel like I have a bottle of high vibrating good energy in my hand that has enhanced many lives already, as it is about to enhance mine.

Co-impact Farming

DoTERRA often first looks where in the world they can help and then what oils they can source there. They have created safe working conditions, schools for children, both boys and girls, water pipes to villages, and they guarantee a fair monthly wage, cutting out the middleman and guaranteeing payment even if crops fail, bringing stability to families.

Healthy Vibrant Plants

The plants are all grown in the climate, soil and altitude that they most thrive. For some plants the oils are most potent when harvested at a specific time which doTERRA honours.


DoTERRA will never over source, is always aware of the impact it has on an environment and aims to give more than it takes.


DoTERRA works with and supports many charities, and within the doTERRA community we are encouraged to find and support charities too, and we can apply to have how much we fundraise to be matched by doTERRA. This is a core value of out community of wellness advocates and doTERRA itself.

Safe Use of doTERRA Essential Oils

DoTERRA Oils are very safe to use and with over 50 million customers there is 0.04% of reactions and most of those being skin sensitivity. The oils are processed by your body in about 4hours so they cannot build up in your body.

I recommend using a good reference book called Modern Essentials (affiliate link) which will take you through how to use the oils, their properties and and contraindications.

Trust your instincts and observe your body. These are potent oils and a little goes a long way. Follow dilution guidelines. Never put into ears, nose, or eyes.


Use a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil to dilute pure oils. Dilute according to need and age of person using the oils. Hot oils like oregano should always be diluted. Should you experience skin sensitivity simply use a carrier oil, never water, on the area and you should experience rapid relief.

I would recommend researching the oil you are using age and health of the person you are using it on for safe dilutions as it is variable on which oil you are using, what therapeutic outcome you would like and how old they are. Modern Essentials again offers a comprehensive reference base.

Children respond very well to oils on the soles of their feet as the pores are large and the skin is thick. Always test on your inner arm for sensitivity.

Internal use

These oils are magical in their deliciousness and gorgeous in chocolate, drinks, water or even stirred into your humus or salsa.

Check bottles to see if they are for internal use first, start with a small dose like 1-2 drops and then only increase if needed.

If you are following a protocol and using the oils medicinally use veggie caps to take the oils internally. Make up these capsules as you need them.

Never put the oils into anything, like water, when it is in a plastic container as the oils leach the chemicals from the plastic.

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