Home School Mother

Hi, I’m Nikka.

I have a burning desire to inspire. I want to tell you that everything is all right. I want to tell you that your soul is love. I want to tell you that you are perfectly imperfect. I really want you to believe me. I want to you to take this conviction and knowing, to feel your soul flare up with worthiness, love and acceptance and to go forth each day knowing that you are at the right place at the right time. I want you to feel the flow, the synchronising of lives and events, I want you to resonate on a cellular level with authenticity. Where there is truth there is connection there is love. So I am here to tell my truth, knowing it is imperfect and as variable as the weather, to connect with anyone out there who wants to connect with my words. I am here to be vulnerable, honest and open, inspire and empower.

My husband and I value health

My husband had I value health. We have tried many ways of eating and find it is a deep personal unique journey. We have a lot more work to do on our diets and I find we ebb and flow with our focus. We have been vegetarian, paleo, juiced, GAPS diet, Trim Healthy Mama, low histamine diets…it’s a life’s work and we both believe in plants as medicine, and food being the foundation of health. Currently I follow a low carb, low GI diet. We believe in Real Food, cooking from scratch and as ethical and organic as the budget can afford.

I have used and loved Essential Oils my whole life and never knew how powerful they were until I came across doTERRA. doTERRA Essential oils are called the Gift of the Earth for a reason. They are potent, pure and effective essential oils that can be taken internally for a host of benefits.

When my children are poorly or sick I reach for my box of oils and can keep my children comfortable with this natural safe doTERRA essential oil medicine cabinet. I have a wonderful book called Modern Essentials which I use to look up which oils I need, without fail, the emotional quality of the oils resonates with the oil indicated physically.

When any of us are struggling with our feelings my box of oils is our first point of call. From PMT, to tantrums, soul fever, to feeling low and gloomy we effortlessly support and process these emotions with the doTERRA essential oils. Literally a few drops in a diffuser and the mood is shifted.


I wanted to be a mom since I was two. It was a long contemplative wait until I was 28 and had my first child. It was nothing like I expected. Love and happiness, financial strain, crippling exhaustion and paradigm shifts and evolutions. So here I am almost 10 years later with two sons, homeschooling, mostly unschooling, autonomous learning, we cook real food, love organic, blog, play, learning through life, nature, and following our joy. I am fascinated by children and find it a privilege and honour to be a mother. I love observing, supporting and holding the space as my sons unfold, as they grow up through their developmental phases. I value simplicity, natural uninterrupted childhood, respectful communication and honesty.

Simplicity Parenting

The book Simplicity Parenting changed my life. I am training to be a Simplicity Parenting Life Coach where I can dive deep with a host of effective tools to support and empower families on their journey.

Living Passionately

I love seeing people on fire with life, the flow of inspiration, or challenge, sweeping them along as they dive deep and learn. I love to interview people about their interests, learn about how they got there and what they have had to do to follow their passion. I love networking and putting people with similar interests and passions together. I love supporting my doTERRA team, inspiring and nurturing them on the path towards their dreams and desires. We have regular trainings, Facebook groups and belong to one of the fastest growing teams in all of Europe.


I am South African and living in the UK. I long to expand homeschool into World School starting with a year travelling in South Africa. I’d love to cover history travelling through countries, and geography and biology as it is there before us. Currently this is a life goal so watch the blog for the journey as it unfolds.

doTERRA in South Africa

I am also excited to be part of bringing doTERRA to South Africa and grow a team there. If you are interested in finding out more please get in touch.

Meet the family

Nikka introduced me to Doterra oils and by attending a meeting with her present was able to learn more about these wonderful health supporting oils. Nikka has been a great a fountain of knowledge regarding my introduction to Doterra oils. She has been supportive and helpful and is very approachable. I highly recommend Nikka as a wellness advocate, and she always has a warm, welcoming smile for you 🙂

Lynne Travis