I am so happy that you are interested in getting started with these amazing oils. If you have not already been to a class or reserved your seat for one, please let me know. I am here first and foremost to educate, inspire, inform and empower you. These oils are incredible, they work, they change lives, and I am passionate about teaching you so you are empowered and inspired. Please look up Oil Events on this webiste www.nikkasnook.co.uk

If you have been working with another wellness advocate, it is up to you who you would like to enroll with, and between us advocates, we like you to go to the person who has invested in you, and drawn you to these lovely products. We value our ethos of respect and care between ourselves and cutomers.

There are THREE ways to begin

  • -Buy RETAIL not many people use this.
  • -Open a WHOLESALE ACCOUNT which is a great start.
  • -Start with a KIT, I did this, and it offers the most bang for you buck and includes a free wholesale account and all the benefits.

Benefits of a Wholesale Account worth £28.50 incl VAT & P&P

  • -25% discount for 1 year, renewal is £15 with a new Peppermint Oil
  • -Access to private groups and community
  • -Further Education Webinars and classes
  • -I will teach and support you
  • -Further access free products with Loyalty Rewards
  • -Cost of postage returned in shipping points which can be used with Loyalty Rewards Points to get free products.
  • -KITS includea free wholesale account and all the benefits and have discounted products.
  • -There is no obligation to buy or continue purchasing

How to Order

  • -Go into my doTERRA website HERE
  • Or on the oils page you can buy and register and it will take you to my doTERRA ordering page.
  • -Call me 07737308601 if you have any problems
  • -I have listed all the Enrolment Kits bellow
  • -Click “Join & Save”
  • -Choose your country, if it is not there, contact me as we can still get you your oils.
  • -Select “wholesale customer” even if you would like to do the business it is better to start off as a customer and change, which is free, later, and speak to me first so I can see how best to position and support you.
  • -Accept Terms and Conditions
  • -My doTERRA ID should automatically be there: 4073602
  • -Choose your Kit or your Wholesale Account
  • -You may like to consider adding a wooden box, key ring, on guard kit or fractionated coconut oil.
  • -Checkout

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Natural Solutions Kit

£564 Including VAT

doTERRA Natural Solutions

This is a great kit to start with for a revamp of your lifestyle. This introduces the pillars of the doTERRA lifestyle. Our beautiful oils and all their health benefits, plant power and chemistry, nontoxic cleaning, and personal care products and the incomparable vitamins.

This kit is massively discounted saving £110, giving you 100 Product Points which is about $100 in free products, 15% off all future purchases. This is about 40% off the retail price. Please note the diffuser pictured is the not the petal diffuser that comes with the kit.

15 ml Breathe, Serenity, Peppermint, Balance, Melaleuca (tea tree), ZenGest, Wild Orange, Aroma Touch, Lavender, Lemon, Frankincense, On Guard and roller ball of Past Tense.

Correct X, a wound treatment, Breathe rub, Depp Blue rub, shampoo and conditioner

On Guard range, toothpaste, hand soap, beadlets, sanitiser, soft gels and foaming hand wash.

Life Long Vitality, a life changing whole food supplement, PB assist and TerraZyme.

Wooden box, fractionated coconut oil and a diffuser.

Free wholesale account worth £28.50

Home Essentials Kit

£222 including VAT

doTERRA Home Essentials Kit

doTERRA Home Essentials Kit


I love this kit. It is such great value for money I have bought it several times now. Its twice the price of the Family Essentials Kit and three times the amount of oil. This is the foundation of what we offer. These oils cover 80% of most ailments and have transformed my experience as a parent. I use this kit every day and carry these 10 oils on me always.

You save £70, you get your free wholesale account and all the benefits and the Petal Diffuser, which is my favourite of all of them.

The top 10 Oils: 15 ml of: Frankincense, ZenGest, Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, On Guard, Meleluca, Oregano, Breathe and 5 ml Deep Blue.

Free Petal Diffuser worth £37.20 and a wholesale account worth £28.50

Family Essentials Kit

£110.40 including VAT


Family Essentials Kit

Family Essentials Kit


This kit includes a Free 15 ml Smart and Sassy the metabolic blend.

10 Oils: All 5ml bottles: Frankincense, ZenGest, Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, On Guard, Meleluca, Oregano, Breathe and Deep Blue.

Free wholesale account and Free Smart and Sassy worth £19.80

Emotional Aromatherapy Kit

£160 Including VAT

Emotional Aromatherapy Kit

I love this kit, it has transformed my life. I use it daily and sit back in wonder at the gentle and tremendous transformation it brings. I am deeply blessed to have it, to use it and cannot recommend it highly enough.

This kit includes

5ml Motivate, Cheer, Passion, Forgive, Console and Peace

Free diffuser worth £37.50 and a free wholesale account worth £28.50

EU Athlete’s Kit

£166.20 Including VAT

This Kit is a bit hit and miss for me, but in terms of value for money and the products it is wonderful and worth it. I would recommend another order the following month with Long Life Vitality, Deep Blue Essential Oil and fractionated coconut oil.

Vitamins. Remember doTERRA Vitamins are a whole food supplement and designed around cell nourishment. There is nothing like them on the market. EO Omega and Micro Plex, vitamins and minerals, are incredible. (Long Life Vitality has Alpha CRS, cell food and anti-inflammatory, added which is why I recommend it in the next order)

Mito2Max is the energy blend, it is effective, and best of all it is not a stimulant, it nourishes cells.

Deep Blue polyphenols are the way to take Deep Blue internally as they have removed the Winter Green. This will have similar effects as the Deep Blue essential oil.Deep Blue Rub is for the aching muscles and joints. 5ml Lavender, Peppermint, Breathe, Meleulca and On Guard. Free Bag included. Free Wholesale account worth £28.50

Cleanse and Restore Kit

£168 Including VAT


Cleanse and Restore Kit

Our bodies are constantly detoxing, and our modern environment places a lot of pressure on all systems. We recommend doing this cleanse twice a year to keep elimination pathways supported.

This kit includes the Long Life Vitality, a cellular nourishing whole food supplement range. With TerraZyme, enzymes to help break down food, PB Assist, to help establish healthy gut flora, a patented pre and probiotic technology, GX Assist purify and cleanse the digestive system and Zendocrine, essential oils for natural detoxing.

Free Wholesale account worth £28.50

Every Oil Kit

£1614.00 including VAT

doTERRA Every Oil Kit

Oil Sharing Kit

£1050.00 including VAT


A full range of doTERRA therapeutic grade CPTG oils in one discounted order!


Business Leader Kit

£2,208.00 including VAT

doTERRA Business Leader Kit

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