feeling joy, alchemy, synergy and synchronicity. #iamenough


I felt all the old loops of thoughts of “you are not enough” “you never…” “you always…” “you can’t…” etc begin to play. 

I felt the tension rise. I felt the bad temper, dissatisfaction and inadequacy kick in. I was alerted to irritation first and the droll tones of Eckhart Tolle filled my mind, “Irritation is residence..” 

Ok, Ive got this. I let go. I surrendered, and the thoughts catapulted off in spiralling Catherine Wheels spinning in all directions, decorative, futile and ending in a whimper and a fizzle. 

Celebrating changes. I am the narrator of my story. I choose. We are beings of pure light and love. This is our chance to live and nobody is getting out alive. 

Love to you all, each and every one. 


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